Welcome to Red Thorn

Red Thorn is my 33 paged entry for the Yen Press Talent Search. Its my own take on a magical girl story. I welcome and encourage everyone who reads this comic to heavily critique it. Voice your opinion on what you liked and disliked about this comic. Too much or too little toning? Character designs are lacking? Too slow or not interesting? I need to improve my inking? The list goes on! So tell me what you think and wish me luck in the Talent Search! ^^ Updates will be every Tuesday and Friday during the month of December! (5-6 pgs per update)

December 7th, 2010, 1:53 pm

Ill be posting pages next week!

This is my Yen Press Talent Search Entry. Ive got 23 pages inked and ready to tone. And ill be finishing up the last 10 pages today!
So please come check the comic out next tuesday! =D

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